What is Worth the Splurge for Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, what is really worth spending money on? The essentials are unavoidable; cabinets, a sink, a stove, an oven. When it comes to the secondary appliances and stylistic finishes what is really worth the splurge. 

Kitchen Remodeling - Worth the Splurge

  • Second sink: When placed outside the main cooking area, this is a great way to create space for a second chef to work, washing food or filling pots, or for room to bartend during a party.
  • Paneled cabinet ends: This adds a level of sophistication and style to any open sides of cabinetry. They can give you that custom built look that is unique to your kitchen.
  • Full-extension and/or soft-close drawer glides: These will allow you to reach everything inside any draw or cabinet, and you don't have to worry about any more slamming when they are closed. 

Kitchen Remodeling - Not Worth the Splurge

  • Distressed or crackle finishes: This trend can easily become dated and can increase the cost of your cabinets up to 30 precent. 
  • Pot filler: While this may eliminate having to carry a pot of cooked pasta to the sink, it doesn't make filling the pot or cooking the pasta any easier.
  • Granite counter tops: While granite counter tops are beautiful and useful, but they are also expensive. Today there are many alternatives to granite that look great and have the same practical properties. 

Kitchen Remodeling - You Decide

  • Fully loaded cooktop: This is a feature that a great chef will find necessary, an new cook will find fun and others will find excessive in their kitchen. 
  • Wine fridge: Some people believe that wine should be stored at 55 degrees at all times, others find it unnecessary and can make do with putting their wine in the fridge or on a wine rack. 
  • Two ovens: Two ovens allows for larger cooking capacity and more flexibility, but is only useful if you are cooking for a large number of people on a regular basis. Otherwise, it may just be an expensive static decoration in your kitchen.