Top 6 Kitchen Design Mistakes People Make

modern-kitchen-design-mistakes-berloni-americaThere’s a reason why the kitchen has become a focal point and the center of much attention for most homes—it’s where the activity happens.  For many busy families, it’s where they meet in the morning, it’s where they meet after work and school and it’s where guests are entertained on the weekends.  Given this very fact, this is one of the reasons why the kitchen has to be designed with a great deal of thought and deliberation when designing or remodeling the kitchen area. However, as with most things in life, there are a number of “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to kitchen design.  Thanks to the kitchen designing experts, Berloni America, here are the top six kitchen designing mistakes that people make when remodeling and designing their new kitchen space.

Design Mistake #1: Boring, boring, boring. If the kitchen is the center of attention in the house, then find a way to attract people to it other than just the food.  There are so many design trends to integrate into your kitchen design that there is simply no excuse to be boring in your design.  From back splashes, kitchen islands, cabinets, sinks, appliances, lighting—there’s simply too many elements and designing opportunities to take advantage of!

Design Mistake #2: Forgetting about seating. Even if you have a dining area in your home, forgetting about seating in your kitchen area is a big mistake.  In most kitchen these days, there is a lot of entertaining, chatting and socializing that takes place in the kitchen itself.  It’s no longer just the place to prepare the food.  Between bar seating, kitchen islands and even small breakfast nooks, don’t forget about seating to entertain in your new kitchen.

Design Mistake #3: Don’t waste valuable storage space.  Storage space is a must in any kitchen.  From storing dishes, cookware, spices, utensils, pantry foods, small appliances and other items for the kitchen, utilize as much space as possible (floor to ceiling, under the sink, kitchen islands, etc.) for storage.

Design Mistake #4: Poor lighting. Lighting is really important in the kitchen, particularly since it’s now a huge part of entertaining guests.  Whenever possible, natural light is always a plus.  However, having right functional lighting for kitchen tasks balanced out with ambient light for creating an environment that welcomes people in to come in and socialize is a must.

Design Mistake #5: Wrong kitchen island. Finding the right kitchen island for you is important.  Whether you need a kitchen island for a second sink, additional seating, overhead storage, added counter space, a place for the kids to do homework while supervised, etc.  Whatever the need may be for your home, make sure that you find the right kitchen island to fit your family’s needs.

Design Mistake #6: Not hiring professionals. Last, but certainly not least, one major mistake made in kitchen design is not hiring professionals to help you—both in design and in the remodeling of your kitchen.  The kitchen involves a number of integrated pieces of hardware, including plumbing, electronics and appliances.  It is important that these items are installed correctly and properly so that you don’t have to deal with the headaches (and costs) involved in the do-it-yourself disasters that ensue on construction projects gone bad.  Professional designers can also help you identify various designs that fit your needs and personal style.

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Photo Credit: Berloni America