Tips for Maximizing Your Small Kitchen Space


small-modern-kitchen-remodeling-designs-berloni-americaNot all homes have a large kitchen and if you’ve ever had a small kitchen space, you probably have found yourself feeling frustrated and limited.  Whether you’re looking to do an entire remodel to your new kitchen or simply find some ways to upgrade your kitchen space to look bigger, here are some tips for maximizing your small kitchen space to get the most out of the space you have!

Tip #1. Go White. Lighter colors will always make a room feel larger than it is, so white may be the way to go.  If not white, then at least go light.  Look for lighter colors and you can tie in other kinds of colors into your kitchen with a variety of accessories and artwork.

Tip #2. Smart Storage. Whenever you’re working with small spaces, you need to be smart and creative about using as much space as possible. There are many ways that you can maximize the cabinet, drawer and even overhead storage space to take make sure you using as much space as possible. Be creative and remember that any open space in drawers or above your head may be an opportunity to get more out of the space you already have.

Tip #3. Lights, Lights, Lights…Did We Say Lights? Not only does white (or light) colors help make a space appear larger, but adding in lighting will as well.  Try to use as much natural light available in your home to light up your kitchen.  From larger windows that can bring in natural light, skylights and other lighting ideas in your kitchen, the brighter your space is (from lights and the colors you choose), the larger the space will feel.

Tip #4. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall. Mirrors are a great way to make smaller spaces appear larger, because they reflect the image of the room giving the illusion of much larger space or even a second part of the room.  Try being creative with the use of mirrors and/or reflective materials to help give off the reflection of more kitchen space.

Tip #5. Dual Purpose. Find ways in your kitchen to utilize space for multiple purposes.  For example, if you’ve always wanted an island but can’t seem to figure out how that’ll work out and still allow you enough room for dining space, perhaps you’ll build an island that also serves as an eating area with bar stools or chairs.  Islands can also serve as additional storage space, ovens, stove tops, sinks and other functions.  Find out what’s right for you and what needs you have and make that island work for you—multiple times!

Your space limitations don’t have to limit all that you can do in order to have your dream kitchen.  There are so many design options and remodeling techniques available to make even the smallest workspace workable for you and your family.  Contact the kitchen remodeling and design experts at EuroAmerica Design today for more information!

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