The Outdoor Kitchen

After a long cold winter, summer is finally here and it is time to enjoy the great outdoors. With warm weather comes more opportunities to spend time enjoying your backyard with friends and family. Now you can do it in a luxurious setting with a high-end outdoor kitchen.

The first thing everyone needs to start off their project is the perfect grill. For holiday barbecues or family dinners, a nice grill provides the ideal cooking station for any situation. They are easy to use and can cook almost anything while entertaining outside. 

You will want to place your grill in an area where the smoke won't bother anyone, but also somewhere that you can easily access to all your tools, since it will be the centerpiece of your cooking area. Hang forks, spatulas, tongs and other grilling utensils nearby and then start adding in extra space for food preparation and storage. 

You can get permanent counters installed for all of your food preparation right next to your grilling station. Earth stones, such as granite, are great for outdoor counter space because of their natural look and feel. Underneath the counters you will get more storage space for any dish-ware, glass-ware, platters or eating utensils you might need to entertain your guests. 

Another great aspect of adding counters to your outdoor kitchen is that you can put in an outdoor sink, seating areas or a bar for added enjoyment. Keep in mind any pluming or electric you may need for appliances, those will most likely need to be closer to your house. For a fully loaded outdoor space you might even want to include a refrigerator for food and drinks, a freezer for ice, a fire pit for s'mores or heaters for cooler nights. Don't forget plenty of seating for people to lay in the sun, read, talk, eat and enjoy your beautiful out door space.  

Think hard about everything you are putting into your outdoor kitchen before you start to build it. You don't want to struggle to carry food and plates outside for cooking or have to worry about where you will put it when you get outside. Take the sun into consideration. Shiny surfaces with reflect the ray, which can be blinding a certain points in the day. Remember that it is always nice to provide shady areas for a cool spot to escape the heat of the sun. An outdoor kitchen is a great place to hang out and cook on beautiful summer days if you take the time to plan it out. 

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