The Meaning of Light: Arte di Murano Glass and the Power of Illumination

The isle of Murano near Venice, Italy has been the beating heart of artisanal glassmaking for a thousand years. Revered for its innovative technique and peerless style, Murano glass adorns the homes of merchant princes, European royalty, business tycoons, and noble gentry. Today, on the same tiny isle where glassmaking first became timeless art, Alfonso Morgillo and his staff of master glassworkers at Arte di Murano use centuries-old techniques to produce original ornaments, mirrors, and lighting that’s steeped in tradition and crackling with modern flair.

Each of Arte di Murano’s works mold light into an artistic creation, something beautiful and functional. The goal is to enhance the dimension of a design, to highlight the décor, and to provide functional illumination. Everyone understands that good lighting is necessary to get the most out of a room. But good lighting is just a starting point for true beauty.

If you’re remodeling, you likely have two goals: first, make the most of the space; second, tease out its emotional characteristics. Lighting is crucial to both. Arte di Murano’s glassworkers understand that light should be functional and can be beautiful, and that one shouldn’t come at the expense of the other.

Beyond that, the decision depends on the space, and on what you are trying to accomplish. Each room has its own secret personality that the right lighting can tease out and put on display. Majestic glass chandeliers belong in grand and traditional spaces, while a modern home kitchen might call for quirky, colorful fixtures. A bedroom or study should be warm and inviting, while professional spaces call for crisp, purposeful illumination.

In the Tenth Century, artisans on Isle Murano began experimenting with mixing, changing the way lighting was perceived. Today, Arte di Murano pays tribute to that early alchemy, celebrating historical techniques and incorporating modern artistry.

What was once available only to the elite can now enhance your own palace: hand blown Arte di Murano glass lighting is on display in our showroom, and more pieces can be browsed in our catalogues. EuroAmerica Design can also can work directly with the master glassmakers at Arte di Murano to realize your particular vision for light.