Contemporary Euro-Design Tips for Creating Your Dream Bathroom

Berloni America Bathroom product - Integrali+ Tired of your old bathroom and want to give it a more modern look, inspired by European design? Bathrooms today are not just utility spaces for personal hygiene; they’re private spas where the mind and body can relax after a challenging day. Amid the soft sound of water and the peaceful aroma of your favorite bubble bath, this is where dreams are born.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of stepping into the serenity of a European inspired bathroom, especially when it’s part of your home. Here are some amazing bathroom designs inspired by contemporary European design and timeless style.

Sleek bathroom showers and tubs 

Your bathroom design starts with an overhaul of your current bathtub and shower. European bathing areas are formed from simple lines, in rich stones, marble and tile. From ceilings to floors, your contemporary bathroom takes on a seamless look that makes this space feel larger than life. The addition of water-saving, rain showerheads and steam-free glass doors provide a beautiful finished look.

Light infused cabinets and counters

The hallmark of contemporary European design in the bathroom are sleek, light countertops, bathroom cabinets and closets that glide easily. You’ll find many styles that provide over-sized storage and an ease of care in your bathroom. Add overhead lighting or bring in natural sunshine for a clean look that lasts years.

Chrome and glass bathroom fixtures 

Along with cabinets and counters that bring more light into contemporary bathrooms, the fixtures used in your new space should also blend in well. Use modern chrome faucets and handles, with shelving made of recycled glass and chrome. You’ll find many ways excuses to keep them looking shiny and new.

Out of the ordinary vanities and sinks 

One of the best features of the contemporary European bathroom design is the wide range of beautiful vanities and sinks available. From clear glass to deep natural shades in glass and ceramic bowls and basins, sinks can be matched to your personal style. Vanities are suspended on walls and accompanied by oversized mirrors to create a dreamy look.

Modern sitting and dressing areas

Contemporary designs in today’s bathrooms are lending towards an extension of the bedroom instead of a separate space. Therefore, crafting a bathroom allows you to add in a modern sitting area that includes soft seating and generous closet space. Dressing areas, complete with technology enhancements, such as built in flat screens and Wi-Fi are the perfect accompaniment for the individual on the go.

Bright patterns and contemporary colors

The bathroom doesn’t have to be a dull environment. Instead, modern bathroom design incorporates dashes of bold colors and patterns that inspire one aesthetically. Using artwork and bathroom linens, your dream bathroom can be personalized to your style and your budget.

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