Turn Your Modern Kitchen “Green”


environmentally-friendly-modern-kitchen-design-tipsIn today’s day and age, more and more consumers and businesses are starting to understand the benefits of “going green”.  Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen into a newly designed modern kitchen or you are just looking for ways to do your part to contribute to taking care of Mother Nature, the good folks at Berloni America have some tips on how to be more “green” around your home to help save the environment (and possibly even some money).

Going Green Tip #1: Use Water-Smart Plumbing.  Between tankless water heaters to faucets that reduce the amount of water dispensed, find plumbing that can save your home from needlessly wasting water.  You will find your water and gas bill reduced and you will be saving some much-needed water at a time when much of the country is suffering from drought.

Going Green Tip #2: Use Natural Light.  From windows to skylights, use natural light wherever possible to reduce the need for lights during the day.  And when you do need to use lights, use energy-saving light bulbs to cut down on your energy bill.

Going Green Tip #3: Minimize Your Space.  Reduce the size of your kitchen space.  The kitchen can be one of the most energy-hogging rooms in your home.  While you don’t have to miss out on the other luxuries offered in your kitchen, you can still reduce the amount of space and energy that is used to keep your kitchen operating.

Going Green Tip #4: Buy from Local Farmers Markets.  Buy fruits, vegetables and other groceries from your local farmers markets.  This will help support your local commerce and farmers, but it also helps ensure that your foods are without harsh chemicals and other preservatives needed to ship from outside of the area to your major grocery chains.

Going Green Tip #5: Fix Your Plumbing.  This one is very simple.  If you have a leak, fix it.  Even one faucet from one home leaking at one drop per minute will waste an estimated 34 gallons of water per year.  If you add more faucets or a faster dripping faucet, you can do the math.  That’s a lot of needlessly wasted water each year and unnecessary money spent on your water bills.

Going Green Tip #6: Recycle-Reduce-Reuse.  Dedicate an area in your home that will be used to recycle paper and plastic.  Use re-usable bags whenever possible and find ways to use re-usable dishes, glassware and other containers that will do not need to be tossed away after one use. You will be saving the environment and saving on having to buy replacement items.

Going Green Tip #7: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products.  If you have ever picked up one of your cleaning supply bottles and looked at the ingredients, you might have noticed the warning about swallowing the hazardous materials or calling your local poison control center if ingested.  Just reading the ingredients to the materials, you will be rendered unable to pronounce much of them and they are harsh chemicals used to disinfect, clean and loosen up dirt and oil.  When you use these products to clean your home, you have to also remember that you may rinse off these chemicals and that water will end up somewhere—a place where animals may dwell and people may be.  Find eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the environment. 

Going Green Tip #8: Proper Ventilation.  Having proper ventilation in your kitchen will help ensure better air quality and will help keep your energy bill down.  Having proper ventilation in the bathroom will help keep things dry and avoid mildew and mold buildup.

Going Green Tip #9: Filter Your Water.  Whenever possible, filter your water for cooking and drinking water.  Many people purchase plastic water bottles, but with an estimated 1,500 plastic water bottles every second being consumed in America, you can do the math and figure that 80% of those bottles end up in a landfill somewhere.  Eliminate your plastic footprint by simply choosing to get a water filtration system, whether you choose to get one that attaches directly to your tap or a portable system like Brita water filters.

In addition to these great tips for eco-friendly habits around your house, you can also use products and actually build your kitchen with these environmentally friendly goals in mind by picking a company that makes preserving the environment a priority.  The good folks at Berloni have committed themselves and their efforts to taking care of the environment by ensuring eco-friendly products that meet the strictest of European environmental standards.

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