Top 6 Tips for Keeping Your Modern Kitchen Organized


organization-tips-for-modern-kitchen-berloni-americaOne of the key components that make up modern and contemporary kitchen designs is that it typically involves an organized, clutter-free kitchen space.  Maintaining an organized kitchen not only allows for better functionality while preparing food and hosting guests, but it gives you an incentive and desire to want to show off your kitchen space and have people over to entertain. Thanks to the folks at EuroAmerica Design,  here are some tips for keeping your modern kitchen organized.

Modern Kitchen Organization Tip #1: Maximize Your Cabinet Space.  Your cabinet space is your friend and the more that you can maximize your cabinet space, the better.  This means in your design phase, using all of the vertical space in your kitchen for installing cabinets to hold all of the plates, bowls, cups, serving dishes, cookware, etc.  The more you can tuck away neatly into a cabinet, the more you will keep the clutter out of view from inside your kitchen. This doesn’t mean to just throw everything in a cabinet.  Be strategic about where you place dinnerware, cookware and cups.

Modern Kitchen Organization Tip #2: Purge the Pantry.  As you do an inventory of your pantry to determine what to may need to buy, use that as an opportunity to purge the pantry.  Inventory which foods have an expiration date coming up, determine which foods might be good to donate and find an organization system to your pantry that makes it easier to locate items.  For example, you might keep all of the pastas together, along with all of the pasta sauces and spices together.  You might keep soups together.  You might organize foods on the kind of meal, such as all of the breakfast items, all of the lunch items, all of the dinner items, all of the snacks and all of the miscellaneous pantry items.  Whatever system works best for you, find that system and put into place.  Then, find time each month to organize and purge the pantry to avoid wasting food and to maintain organization and neatness.

Modern Kitchen Organization Tip #3: Let Lazy Susan Do the Work.  Lazy Susans are spinning trays or turntables that not only allow you to use up all of your cabinet and counter space by utilizing precious vertical space that is often times under-utilized and wasted, but it also lets you maximize spaces that you might not otherwise use because it’s too difficult to reach or access—such as the corner space in a cabinet.

Modern Kitchen Organization Tip #4: Curb Your Container Enthusiasm.  There’s an obsession around collecting plastic containers, whether it’s plastic containers that foods are packaged in or a collection of plastic containers you can get at the grocery store for storing and easily transporting foods.  What often happens is it leaves kitchen drawers cluttered with a vast array of plastic containers and mismatched lids.  Consider investing in a set of higher quality containers that you can also use as serving dishes and that you can easily organize and store by size and shape.  Limit yourself to a dedicated drawer for containers and when you start to notice you’re filling up, recycle old containers and take the time to organize the container drawer.

Modern Kitchen Organization Tip #5: Routinely Clean the Refrigerator.  The refrigerator is probably one of the dirtiest areas of your kitchen.  The refrigerator is not safe from mold, mildew, food spills, and spoiled food.  Make sure that you routinely clean your refrigerator, which not only includes going through its contents to make sure to check the expiration dates of food and the quality of produce, but also to wipe down any spills with an antibacterial wipe, which will help kill bacteria and keep you and your family safe from getting ill due to unintended contamination.

Modern Kitchen Organization Tip #6: Use Islands to Your Advantage.  Last, but not least, space permitting, use an island to take advantage of space that might not otherwise be used for storage and organization.  Kitchen islands can add a significant amount of under-counter storage as well as overhead storage.

These are just a few organization ideas for your modern Italian kitchen.  There are thousands—if not millions—of other organization options.  The next time you’re looking to remodel or upgrade your kitchen, contact EuroAmerica Design, the leading experts in modern kitchen remodeling. 

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Photo Credit: Berloni America