Conquering Kitchen Clutter

kitchen clutter, kitchen designThe kitchen is typically the most frequently visited room in the house. As a result, it is often also the most cluttered. If this describes your kitchen, don’t despair! Here are a few simple steps from your friends at Berloni America that you can take to organize your kitchen and put everything right where you need it: Sort it or toss it — Chances are, much of your clutter comes from keeping things at hand that aren’t really essential to the day-to-day functioning of your kitchen. Start by cleaning out your cabinets and drawers of gadgets you hardly ever use. (i.e. that hard-boiled egg cooker and hamburger patty former!) Donate the things you don't need, and place rarely used items in storage.

Plan out your storage — Once you've pared your inventory down to the essentials, put them in places that make the most sense. Glassware and cups, for example, should be near the refrigerator or sink; utensils, spices and plates near the cooking area; mugs near the coffeemaker. You’ll not only save space, you’ll also save time.

Free up counter space — Nearly all appliances can be mounted under cabinets these days, thereby freeing up precious counter space. For example, consider installing an under-cabinet coffeemaker, microwave, toaster-oven and can opener, to name a few. There are also drawer-style microwave ovens and special fittings for cabinets that allow heavy stationary mixers to effortlessly swing down and out of the way when not in use.

Conquer your cabinets — Add vertical dividers in cabinetry to stack cookie sheets and cake pans. For lower cabinets, consider a lazy susan that will put everything within reach. Install small, inexpensive shelves to neatly organize the pantry. You can also free up valuable cabinet and drawer space by installing hooks for coffee mugs and utensils under cabinets.

Junk the junk drawer — Every kitchen has one—a "miscellaneous" catch-all drawer loaded with pencils, paper clips, scissors, super glue, corn cob holders and…well, you get the idea. Find a designated place for every item. And if you absolutely can’t live without the junk drawer, use small dividers to stop pencils, coupons and other gadgets from jumbling together.

Eliminate the paper trail — If your pile of takeout menus, recipes torn out of magazines and other such paper clutter from your kitchen has reached epic proportions, at least try to contain them. Sort them into categories and put them into file folders in a location that makes sense—for example, near your cookbooks.

As you organize your kitchen, think of other ways to eliminate clutter such as grouping items by how frequently you use them or swapping out your existing appliances with “smart appliances” that maximize interior space.

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