Conquering Kitchen Clutter

kitchen clutter, kitchen designThe kitchen is typically the most frequently visited room in the house. As a result, it is often also the most cluttered. If this describes your kitchen, don’t despair! Here are a few simple steps from your friends at Berloni America that you can take to organize your kitchen and put everything right where you need it: Sort it or toss it — Chances are, much of your clutter comes from keeping things at hand that aren’t really essential to the day-to-day functioning of your kitchen. Start by cleaning out your cabinets and drawers of gadgets you hardly ever use. (i.e. that hard-boiled egg cooker and hamburger patty former!) Donate the things you don't need, and place rarely used items in storage.

Plan out your storage — Once you've pared your inventory down to the essentials, put them in places that make the most sense. Glassware and cups, for example, should be near the refrigerator or sink; utensils, spices and plates near the cooking area; mugs near the coffeemaker. You’ll not only save space, you’ll also save time.

Free up counter space — Nearly all appliances can be mounted under cabinets these days, thereby freeing up precious counter space. For example, consider installing an under-cabinet coffeemaker, microwave, toaster-oven and can opener, to name a few. There are also drawer-style microwave ovens and special fittings for cabinets that allow heavy stationary mixers to effortlessly swing down and out of the way when not in use.

Conquer your cabinets — Add vertical dividers in cabinetry to stack cookie sheets and cake pans. For lower cabinets, consider a lazy susan that will put everything within reach. Install small, inexpensive shelves to neatly organize the pantry. You can also free up valuable cabinet and drawer space by installing hooks for coffee mugs and utensils under cabinets.

Junk the junk drawer — Every kitchen has one—a "miscellaneous" catch-all drawer loaded with pencils, paper clips, scissors, super glue, corn cob holders and…well, you get the idea. Find a designated place for every item. And if you absolutely can’t live without the junk drawer, use small dividers to stop pencils, coupons and other gadgets from jumbling together.

Eliminate the paper trail — If your pile of takeout menus, recipes torn out of magazines and other such paper clutter from your kitchen has reached epic proportions, at least try to contain them. Sort them into categories and put them into file folders in a location that makes sense—for example, near your cookbooks.

As you organize your kitchen, think of other ways to eliminate clutter such as grouping items by how frequently you use them or swapping out your existing appliances with “smart appliances” that maximize interior space.

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Contemporary Design Elements for an Organized Kitchen

A functional kitchen is an organized kitchen. A hot idea for this year’s contemporary kitchen design is the addition of new organization systems. By making the kitchen more functional, home owners can enjoy the freedom to use their kitchens knowing all dinnerware, cookware, and other kitchen elements are in the proper place. For a smaller kitchen, this can be a plus because it opens up the kitchen space for other purposes like entertaining and spending time with family. Some of the contemporary kitchen designs include organizational systems that fit neatly into kitchen drawers and cabinets. By using customized and adjustable organization trays, racks, and shelves; the kitchen is more convenient to use. Learn more about Berloni organization solutions for your contemporary home.

  • Drawer organization solutions. In the kitchen, drawers can quickly become overfilled with a variety of cooking tools and accessories. To get control of the clutter, it’s important to install drawer organizers that are right for each individual use. Choose from eco-friendly wood drawer organizers that are shaped to fit utensils and silverware. For deeper drawers, plate racks and adjustable organizers can create more space for plates and cookware.
  • Cabinet organization shelves and racks. As part of a kitchen upgrade, you may decide to make your cabinets and shelves more spacious with custom racks. Use them to hold plates, glasses, barware, pottery, and various types of cookware for fast access to the things you need to make each meal complete. Shelves can be built to suit any type of cabinet, providing an extra layer of storage and organization in your contemporary home.
  • Custom container organization. In order to keep foods, condiments and spices fresh, you may choose modern in-drawer storage solutions that use customized kitchen containers. These containers fit neatly into kitchen drawers, in cabinets, and on shelves where you need them. They are stackable and come in a variety of contemporary European inspired designs and colors. Use labels or special color combinations to maintain order in your kitchen.
  • Wall and pantry organization options. The pantry can be a good place for storing anything from food staples to extra cooking tools, therefore having access to organization can maximize this space in the kitchen. Organization solutions can include stainless steel and quality reclaimed wood racks built into cabinets or shelves that provide ample space for anything you need to stow away.

As part of our kitchen update, you can experience more by adding new kitchen drawers and cabinets that make the most of your space. Putting things within reach and ease of use is what makes the modern kitchen appealing to today’s savvy home owner.



Considerations for Modern Kitchen Designs

Let’s face it—kitchens take a beating. Children come home from school and throw their shoes on the floor as they run to get to the television set before one another; older children come home from high school or college and drop their bags on the table as they hit the refrigerator for something to eat. Adults come home from work and basically do what they want. The point is the kitchen is the hub of the home and where we all share and help each other with problems, and communicate with our family. Modern kitchen designs therefore need to be perfect, or at least perfect for the individual family as it is perhaps the most important room in the home. Contemporary kitchen designs should allow each family to relax in the kitchen, allow them to enjoy food here, and embrace one another’s company. Kitchen designs give the opportunity for each family to have their own family time, and whether you like your dream kitchen to be formal or informal, you may want to consider incorporating a comfy sofa or breakfast bar.

Designing the kitchen of our dreams can be a big project and getting this project correct will be important to the family setting. Berloni America offers some great modern Italian kitchen designs that can be tailored to your individual taste. If you would like to create and design your own kitchen, however, Berloni’s professional and helpful staff is willing to advise you on what is best for your kitchen no matter what size and shape you desire.

You may not need nor want full kitchen designs; instead, you may just want to buy some new accessories to brighten up your kitchen or perhaps add high-end kitchen cabinets. Whatever you need—whether big or small—Berloni America has an array of choices for you.

If you are environmentally sensitive, contemporary European kitchen designs now offer a green option, which allows you to look after the environment with simple solutions such as recycling, using eco-materials, energy efficient appliances and many more. This option of kitchen designs allow you to really make the best out of the natural resources your kitchen has on offer, making it a cheaper alternative in the long run.

Kitchen remodel projects can make an old home feel like a new one. Indeed, even the smallest transformations that are adapted to your individual needs within your kitchen will make a big difference to your family setting.

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