Tiny, but Never Insignificant - A Modern Approach to Apartment Kitchen Design

Life in an apartment or condo can be both comforting and cramped at times, but there’s nothing like having the freedom of expression in your own little piece of real estate. Modern apartment kitchen design offers the chance to open up the space in your apartment with simple lines, eye-popping colors, and amazing contemporary furnishings inspired by European designers. Using a more modern approach to apartment kitchen design may seem a little unusual for such a small space, yet it works well for most flats. In some cases, your apartment may be filled to the brink with mix and match pieces, and outdated kitchen looks. The kitchen is the center stage of your apartment, so this is the best place to get started with a redesign that will create added value, for entertaining or just everyday life.

Get started by determining how you like to use your apartment kitchen, and what needs to be improved. For many apartment dwellers, who have busy schedules, having conveniences like a beverage center, well-lit food prep areas, easy-care appliances, and comfortable seating areas are important. Starting with a drawn out idea of your contemporary kitchen will help you decide where to begin planning the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen cabinets and countertops are often a good place to start, when designing a modern kitchen space. Removing old cupboard doors and replacing them with sleek European cabinet doors and handles can give your apartment kitchen a brand new look very economically. Increase kitchen and pantry storage by adding extra interior shelves and special wall racks for storing contemporary dinnerware and cooking elements. Adding stainless steel or granite cabinet tops can improve the look and function of your kitchen, while giving it a modern Italian look for less.

In a small kitchen, having the ability to prepare meals and entertain guests are the elements of a modern lifestyle. More families are choosing to dine in or have guests over than ever before, so you’ll want to make your kitchen seem bigger than life with contemporary elements. Choose overhead lighting made from recycled glass pendants to illuminate your breakfast bar or kitchen island. Add a clever wine rack to the end of a cabinet to create a mini-bar. Create an instant café by adding a simple tray and your espresso machine to a table, for a modern Italian kitchen experience.

In the modern apartment kitchen, you’ll also want to make a statement by choosing contemporary art pieces, displayed on walls and surfaces. Use an oversized print to draw the eye to your modern dining room table and Italianate chairs. Hang a unique chandelier overhead, and use modern lighting in all the room corners to give the illusion of a larger dine-in kitchen. As often as possible, buy artwork from local sources to give your kitchen more charm.

The idea with a modern kitchen design is to create an environment where you can spend memorable time at home in your apartment, with friends or family. Contemporary design elements are very popular for apartments because they are simple to achieve more with less clutter. Using simple lines and arrangements, as well as light-enhancing colors, your apartment kitchen can provide you with years of enjoyment.

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