The Top 7 Mistakes People Make in Kitchen Design

Creating a masterful design for a kitchen often comes from the minds of homeowners who envision something better. The kitchen is the center of most homes and therefore it can add a tremendous amount of value to give it an update. Popular television shows and magazines make it seem so easy to redesign a kitchen, with the latest in kitchen appliances, kitchen building and décor materials. Yet, very often things go terribly wrong when an inexperienced homeowner attempts to design a new kitchen. Here is a list of the top kitchen design mistakes that people make, that can ruin a good kitchen, with advice on how to avoid them.

Lack of a design layout – One of the biggest problems with re-doing your own kitchen is not understanding the golden rule of kitchen design  - the triangle layout. Each kitchen is comprised of three important elements that include the sink, stove and refrigerator, which should be positioned with the least amount of obstruction. Unfortunately, too many homeowners focus on their counters and cabinets and forget about where they plan to have these appliances, turning their kitchen into chaos.

Covering up structural faults – As part of any kitchen design process, most people will start tearing out certain elements of their kitchen. In doing so, they may discover problems with the walls, the floors, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other structural features of their kitchen. An inexperienced home designer will just cover them up, which can be a big mistake that can cause damage later on. A quality home designer will recommend repair of these items before laying the foundation of a new kitchen.

Forgetting traffic flow of the kitchen – Depending on your lifestyle, the kitchen can be the hub of activity for your family and friends. Being able to walk through the kitchen and get to the activities needed is critical to the best contemporary kitchen design. A mistake often made is forgetting to map out the traffic areas when planning a new kitchen design; an oversight that causes years of frustration.

The wrong storage approach – In many homes, particularly those that are small, the kitchen is also not roomy enough for storing necessities. A mistake that do-it-yourselfers often make is just trying to add some more shelves to a random wall or building a standalone pantry. This doesn’t fit in well with any kitchen, and could put a strain on the walls of the kitchen. Instead, consult with a kitchen design firm to build cabinets and storage for your kitchen that is beautiful and functional.

Using poor quality materials  - Designing a kitchen can be a costly venture for most, but it’s worth the investment as it can raise a home’s value by as much as 20 percent when handled by a contemporary kitchen design firm. However, if you try to cut corners by using cheap materials, the kitchen will look bad and your home’s value will drop. Use durable kitchen materials that are sustainable and will make your home look great.

Inadequate countertops – Every kitchen needs to have enough countertops to provide ample cooking and entertaining space. Most kitchens in older homes and apartments don’t have enough countertops, therefore the homeowner may just add new ones overtop the old counters. But this doesn’t make the kitchen better, it just perpetuates a bad experience in the kitchen. Instead, have a kitchen designer create an island countertop to expand the usable space for your kitchen.

Lack of lighting options – Kitchens of today are spaces where both natural and electric light shine, creating a focal point for the home. Many homeowners forget this, and opt for tiny ceiling lights instead of opening up the space and using natural lighting and enhanced surface lights. Hire a professional kitchen designer to provide contemporary lighting styles that will make your kitchen more illuminated.

As you begin to plan for the redesign of your modern kitchen, be sure to call on the professionals at Berloni America for support.