Spring Cleaning: Reorganize Your Closet or Wardrobe

With the snow melted away and the sun coming out from behind the clouds, spring has finally arrived. And with spring comes spring cleaning. Its time to get organized! And there are so many ways to redo your closet or wardrobe.

The first step is to determine how much space you have to work with. Once you have the dimensions you can go through your things and decide what should stay and what should go. This could mean that you move some items to another area of the house or give some away because you don't need it anymore. It is always good to sift through last years warm weather clothes and get rid of the things you won't wear. 

The next step is to pick out the style you want your new space to be. This could mean the materials or how you implement storage. 

When choosing materials it is important to consider how much of your closet you plan on redoing. If you only plan on redoing part of your closet, you will want to pick something that fits with the existing design. If you are redoing the entire space, then you will want to think about how much and what you are putting in your closet. 

Once you consider the style of your closet, you will need to figure out the layout. This stage is where your timeline and budget come in. If you are going to put in custom shelving, cabinets and/or drawers you will want to know exactly want you want before you start to build. This will take both time and money but it will allow you the freedom of choosing where all the racks and cubbies will go. 

The functionality of the space is also important to think about. Drawers are great to organize smaller objects, while shelves are great for things like sweaters that can be stretch buy hangers. There are also fun accessories that you can add depending on your wants and needs. 

Accessories you might not think about may be: 

  • a collapsible ironing board 
  • jewelry inserts 
  • belt or tie racks 
  • shoe organizers
  • hat racks
  • hidden laundry hampers
  • valet rods
  • pull out pant racks

Take the time to consider what you want out of your closet. You can find a way to make it fit all of your storage needs with a smart design. 

Check out Euro Americas wardrobes for more ideas or contact us so we can help you build your closet.