Smart Room for an Organized Home: Interview with Designer Diane Hancock

Q: What is your design Style?

A: I work a lot with contemporary style, but I focus on creating architectural, timeless designs more than anything else. Clients go through my portfolio from 10 or 15 years ago and still like the looks I have created.

I like to use natural colors and materials, to emulate nature. I often call myself a tree hugger with and affinity for finer things. When you walk through a forest you never think that a tree or a stone doesn’t belong there and that is the way you should feel in every room in your home.


Q: What new elements do you see coming to the modern home?

A: I have been starting to do a lot of smart rooms. This is usually attached to the kitchen, and is used as a multifunctional room that leads into the garage. It can be a laundry room, butler’s pantry, work room, office, mud room, or a combination of utilities to create an organized space for everyone to use.

The main goal of the smart room is to help clients balance their daily lives. The more organized you are the better you feel and the easier you can function in everyday chaos.


Q: What sort of design features do you usually put in this room?

A: There is an endless list of features to put in this room. People will include individual work stations for kids, wrapping stations for crafts and gifts, charging stations for electronics, rinse off showers for muddy boots and bathing the dog, some even include a powder room right off of the garage… we can pretty much put in any feature you want!

The point is to alleviate the pains you feel in the kitchen as the heart of the home. With an organized smart room, everything has its place and the kitchen can be dedicated to entertaining and cooking.


Q: What kind of materials do you use to build this room?

A: With the evolving technologies we have today, you can flow the high end look of your kitchen into your smart room without breaking the bank. Materials have come a long way, so things like textured laminates are perfect for this room; they are durable and they look great. EuroAmerica also has amazing interior cabinet components for organization. They can create a spot for everything, not only in your smart room but also your kitchen. It is a terrific way to stay organized with custom features to fit your personal needs.