New Year, New Closet

Hulsta MULTI-FORMA system

Hulsta MULTI-FORMA system

Because the door is closed doesn’t mean the mess isn’t there. In fact, because the door is closed means the mess grows daily, monthly … yearly.

This year, then, don’t simply resolve to clean out the closets. Those hiding places for the unwanted, the under used and the “it’ll come back in style” are overflowing. Instead, commit to organizing the closets… in the bedroom, the front hall, and the kids’ rooms. Even the utility closet deserves a little attention.

Beyond discarding clothing and shoes you and your family haven’t worn in months, you’ll make sense of how best to keep the clutter from accumulating in a few months when you work with a professional designer.   Beyond their design savvy, they can help you make the tough decisions about what to keep and what to discard.

A skilled designer also knows that plastic storage bins, while handy, can only do so much. Instead, incorporating a closet organization system and wardrobe will tame the clutter: everything has its place. Imagine, opening the closet door and actually finding that favorite dress or the kids’ soccer cleats.

At EuroAmerica Design, brands such as Hülsta and SMA are known the world-over for contemporary design with innumerable smart touches. Hülsta, for example, offers an interior fittings category called the MULTI-FORMA system allowing fabric-lined drawers of various widths to be combined, as well as illuminated shelves.  A variety of colors and finishes are available to suit any style home.