“The versatility of our pendant lighting from Italy's Arte Di Murano – which are made in numerous shapes, colors and glass style – offers endless applications throughout the home,” said Robert Nusbaum, President & CEO of EuroAmerica Design.


“On trend are singular or a grouping of multiple mini pendants, which have become increasingly popular in modern and transitional homes.  These smaller pendants make a dynamic design statement over a kitchen island, dining room table, an entry way, or a bedside table. When multiple pendants are used, it can take on the look of a chandelier.  A single pendant can create a dramatic effect and be used to focus on a task, such as a night light for reading. ”

“Pendants of all sizes which utilize LED lights are now cooler to the touch and to the area they are illuminating, in addition to being more efficient, as they last longer and utilize less energy.”


-  Robert Nusbaum, President & CEO of EuroAmerica Design


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