Modern Architectural Design with Elaine Lewenz

Q:   Describe your design style. 

A: Period architectural design elements from Mid-Century modern and Art Deco symmetry is my favorite style to work with.

Q: What are the characteristics of this style?

A: A key characteristic is mixing metal, glass and wood in a kitchen or bath. That includes interesting finishes that may be gold toned, brushed finish, polished nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and rose gold with a myriad of wood cabinet finishes as well.  I especially like metal cabinets in kitchens, it gives the room a tailored and timeless look.    

Q: What room can you use this design style in?

Family and living rooms, but especially kitchens and baths, as there are many applications we can use. It works best with a medium to high budget, but EuroAmerica does a great job catering to every type of customer.

Q: How does this style fit into today’s modern homes?

A: All home styles can benefit from mixing metals and glasses that give interest with reflective properties and add artistic substance to the home project. I find that often the homeowner is partial to certain metals and wood tones when they initially meet for a project.  My goal is to recommend finishes that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. Materials that complement each other and the homeowner will not tire of.