Meet Andrea Lupo: EuroAmerica Design's Newest Designer


Q: What is your design style?

A: My personal style evolves all the time; I wouldn’t say it changes, but it gains depth and more intricacies.  I love clean and simple, a place for everything – what could be described as contemporary used as a backdrop for a stunning, unexpected antique.  Add some fantastic original art pieces, understated window treatments, comfortable furnishings, an elegant rug and that mix is exciting. 

I believe every piece in a space has a role to play.  It’s all about relationships within that space.  The exciting thing about design is that there are so many ways you can visually express a certain style.  Color, texture, scale, balance – with regard to walls, fixtures, furniture and flooring – even the negative space, the space in between all of these, has a purpose.  

Q: What trends are popular with clients right now?

A: I believe that unified spaces are on point.  Homes are required to function in every aspect of life.  They are for living, working, resting, as well as educating ourselves and our children – all while helping us accomplish a variety of activities.  The size of the space and the décor changes from client to client and possibly year to year, but a well thought-out space is timeless.

For each different client personality or project we can readily discover that perfect “thing” we are looking for. We also have a pool of amazingly talented local craftsmen and artisans in the Detroit area to create something customized

Q: What are you are currently working on? 

A: I’m currently working on a Tuscan-inspired kitchen where the client wants to feel warmth and tradition.  I always like to find something a little bit unexpected that I will lead my client to, that really makes the space their own.  I love to be amazed just as much as my clients are by their space.

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to redo a room in their homes?

A: Don’t rush it.  Take your time and plan your project.  Think about how you want and need the space to function.  Have some visual examples prepared that illustrate your favorite styles to use as a springboard for conversation with your designer.  Have an investment amount in mind.  Remember that it’s a process….and enjoy it!