Christian Puca with Montecarlo by Val Design in the EuroAmerica Design showroom in Troy.

Christian Puca with Montecarlo by Val Design in the EuroAmerica Design showroom in Troy.

Last month, we had a chance to sit down with Christian Pusca, Export Director of Val Design, who recently visited the EuroAmerica Design showroom.  Here are a few insights into one of Italy’s leading kitchen manufacturers.


Q: What cabinet finishes are popular in Italy that will soon be in the United States?

A:  Customers in the U.S. often discover trends two years after popular cabinet designs have been established in Italy.  Look for new textured laminate finishes and lower price points for lacquer cabinets in the near future. We are also developing new materials such as our new Phoenix line, which offers a scratch resistant surface.

Q:  What are some significant differences between the European and U.S. markets?

 A:  The average kitchen in Europe is much smaller than you often find in America, which contributes to the European emphasis on functional design. Every space is efficiently utilized, from pull out drawers, to storing accessories and more. Additionally, it is common for previous homeowners to take their old kitchen with them to their new house. As a result, our modular systems are created to achieve flexibility and a long-lasting timeless design. 

Q:  What is your role at Val Design?

A:  I am fortunate to be able to represent Val Design and travel to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.  I work with the team at EuroAmerica Design and EuroAmerica Distributors to ensure the delivery of numerous residential kitchens in remodels and new builds, as well as for multi-unit projects.  I also oversee many amazing projects for Val Design such as major hotels in New York City and throughout the world.


Italy-based Val Design features modern kitchens for the contemporary lifestyle, offering the highest quality woods for veneer and a wide range of lacquered colors. Known for its product innovation and craftsmanship, this leading European kitchen manufacturer prides itself on customer satisfaction, unlimited creativity and reliability.

A subsidiary of A.L.F. Group which has been operating in the U.S. for more than 35 years, Val Design products are made in the Veneto region, which is renowned internationally as one of the most important furniture making areas in the world. Val Design products can be found in 35 countries worldwide.