Latest Home Design Trends for 2016

Q: What trends is EuroAmerica Design focusing on for 2016?

A: Contemporary design continues to increase in popularity in the kitchen, bath and throughout the home.  This style isn’t just stark black and white as some people think – it’s actually soft woods and textured veneers. A soft contemporary kitchen or bath can seamlessly be incorporated into any style home, from modern to traditional.

The collections we represent from Italy and Germany are known for setting industry design trends. So if anyone wants to learn more about the latest home design trends and colors in Europe – our showroom is the place to explore.  


Q: Are there specific colors and textures that are popular?

A: White is always popular and grey has become an industry favorite.  Lacquers, both matte and gloss, will continue to be incorporated into many new kitchens well into the future.  As European manufacturers are highly regarded for their production of textured laminates, homeowners will have many choices in this category. Our domestic brands also offer a variety of colors and styles, to suit any budget.


Q: Who is the clientele that you cater to?

A: As we are open to the public and the trade, we primarily cater to interior designers, builders, architects and homeowners.

We have a reputation of being a high-end resource, but in reality we serve all ends of the spectrum.  We really do have something for everyone. We specialize in European contemporary design, but we also have traditional and transitional products.  We also provide installation when needed.  We have the largest, most comprehensive and I believe the most beautiful showroom in this area – and I would say, one of the nicest in the country.


Q. If you had one word that describes your business Mantra what would it be?  

A: Service. It’s all about service.

Kitchens are a challenging business.  From design to installation, it can be complicated. After assessing a client’s vision, we create an individual design to suit their lifestyle and budget.  We are in constant communication with our customers and our manufacturers to provide the best product and service to our customers. From start to finish, and beyond, we make it our number one priority to provide unparalleled customer service.