Customize Your Countertops

Today the surfaces in your home can be customized to the size, shape, material and style of your liking. Whether your house is modern, traditional, contemporary or transitional, there are always opportunities to put your personality into your space. 

Manufacturers are finding new materials for every surface of your home, including the countertops. From sheet metal and refurbished wood to granite and limestone, there is an endless amount of materials you can choose from.

For the environmentally friendly, you can get recycled wood counter tops that are durable enough to withstand all the utensils in your kitchen. Recycling glass is another way to reuse materials. This option will even allow you to create your own patters and designs that can be the centerpiece of your room. 

A more contemporary approach might be sleek sheet metal or stainless steel. This could fit a more industrial style kitchen, or a high end restaurant style kitchen, great for entertaining large dinner parties. 

Marble and granite are beautiful options for an active household. They are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand knife blades and extreme heat. These are natural stones with plenty of character and customizable finishes to create a unique surface to match your decor.  

If you are looking to save money, Quartz is a great alternative to granite and marble. It is durable and resists staining and scratching, while still maintaining a high end look. Using tiles for your countertops is another great money saver. Tiled countertops come in a variety of color to complement any style. 

Many of these materials can be cut into customized shapes that fit unique spaces and personalities. The floating island in your kitchen can be rectangular with sharper corner or round like an oval. The bar in your basement can be one level so you can interact easily with your guests or multi-level so you can prepare dishes in your own space.

Your countertop can set the tone of your kitchen or bathroom. You want to choose a surface that will hold up to the activity of your household and fit your budget, as well as your personality. 

Take a look at some of our look books for ideas about what surface is best for your home, or for more information about different materials check out the Houzz guide to the best countertops