Featured Project: A Modern Kitchen for a Modern Family

Client: Purther Family

Brand: Val Design

Model: Grafica

Finish: Textured Laminate

Color: Grigio (Grey)  

As Jan and Tom Purther sought to remodel their new colonial home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, they were determined to find the perfect resource to turn their old- fashioned kitchen into a modern, functional space.

“We were thrilled to discover the EuroAmerica Design showroom and its many cabinet varieties, which allowed us to create a kitchen that reflects our family’s personality,,” said Jan Purther, who spearheaded their house redesign.  “Bob and his team helped me execute my vision with ease.  Their use of 3D software brought my ideas to life and helped me visualize what our new kitchen would become. “

“From start to finish, EuroAmerica Design covered every detail – including an appliance garage to hide counter top items to minimize clutter and a ‘pop up plug’ that disappears into the countertop.  Our cabinets are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.  Bob made the experience easy and enjoyable, and I can’t say enough about the entire team’s professionalism and expertise. “