European Contemporary Style: A Growing Trend


Rob Nusbaum, President and CEO of EuroAmerica Design Shares His Thoughts on the European Contemporary Style

Q: Why is European contemporary style growing in the U.S.?

A: In addition to its trend-setting style, European cabinetry provides efficient design which is a great fit for the current movement toward smaller living spaces. European manufacturers have perfected the functionality for small spaces, with a clean and simple design – that offers great value and supreme quality.

The European contemporary design style has been consistently growing in popularity. We have seen it go from 10% to 40% of sales in the past few years.

Q: What attributes and innovations contribute to the increasing popularity?

A: Larger construction projects, such as student housing or senior living communities, are using European products which feature easy component systems. Manufacturers are able to create semi-custom modular pieces that fit into any space.

Products such as built in pantries, maximize storage space with sliding drawers and shelves. These types of features allow people to downsize without losing some of the luxuries to which they are accustomed.

Q: How does EA predict design styles and trends?

A: EuroAmerica Design and our European manufacturers are in constant contact to keep up on popular tends. We travel abroad to their facilities a couple times a year to see their new products. For example, Germany-based manufacturer Warendorf has just released its one-of-a-kind hidden kitchen. This kitchen is concealed behind a wall that opens by remote control, from the countertop up, to reveal a fully functioning kitchen.  It’s something we haven’t seen before and isn’t being built by anyone in the U.S.

We are able to predict what will sell well in the U.S., by what is popular in Europe. We can also inform our manufactures what trends are prevalent in the U.S., so they can apply popular colors and textures to their designs.  This season, many of our customers are choosing textured laminates that imitate materials similar to wood – and even granite – that look almost identical to the real thing.  

When we learn about new tends we feature them in our showroom.  Currently, we have three new displays in development to showcase the latest styles. Our showroom is the best of its kind and inspires some really beautiful projects because of our dedication to be cutting edge.