Create Your Perfect Retreat: Master Bedroom Redesign

Create your perfect get away right in your own home. It's time to remodel your bedroom into the master of your dreams. There are a lot of directions you can go in to create a luxurious spaces just for you. 

When starting the to do list you should to keep in mind what you want to do in your new room. Maybe you want a quiet place to dive into a new book, or the location of your mini spa treatment, each activity will open new possibilities.

Master Spa

If you are looking for a space to spoil yourself with the occasional spa day, then turn your bedroom into the master spa you deserve. Start by picking out the perfect shower and tub. A deep soaking is a great feature to create a relaxing environment. You can pick style and finish to fit your needs. 

Include vast counter space and storage for bath salts, facial treatments and other treats for yourself. Finish it off with a plush new set of towels and soft robe to wrap yourself in after treating yourself to a bubble bath in your new soaking tub.

In addition to the bathroom amenities, treat yourself in the bedroom as well. Create a large walk in closet/dressing area with shelving and drawers to fit all of your clothing and accessories so the bedroom can be used for complete relaxation. No dressers to fuss with just great seating areas, bookshelves, and of course a luxurious king size bed. 

Artist Retreat

Use your space to create a room full of inspirations. Includes a gallery wall dedicated to your favorite works of art. Use large frames and gallery lighting to make the art come alive. 

If you have the space, make a creative corner to work on painting, collaging, photography, design or any other fine art or craft you like to do. This room will be your personal studio where you can incubate all of your ideas without interruptions. 

Build in plenty of closet space so you have room for all of those clothes you have to express yourself and all the supplies you need for your mini studio. For the times when you are seeking inspiration add a large projector to review slides or to watch the latest indie film. 

Rustic Getaway

Start with finding the perfect place for a cozy fireplace. Build your master bath and bed around the warm blaze so you can feel the heat from anywhere in your paradise. Put in a lot of big windows to maximize the natural lighting so you alway get a bit of nature peaking in. 

Use earthy tones and real wood to decorate for a rustic finish. Add in plush pillows and blankets  so you never feel a chill. Put in a waterfall feature for a babbling brook sound to help you relax and sooth you to sleep. In the bathroom build a large walk in shower, with natural stone tiling and a rainfall shower head.

Romantic Hideaway

Find the perfect bed to share with your partner. Include Egyptian cotton or silk sheets, soft blankets and twice the pillows for the two of you to share. Add in dimmers and candles to set the mood and decorate with photos and memorabilia from your time spent together.  

Build everything with extra room so you can share the space comfortably together. Add in two sinks in the bathroom, along with a spacious shower and jacuzzi tub for two.

When you are planning a room to be shared it is a great idea to add in his and her features as well. Build two closets, tailored to each persons needs. She may want a floor to ceiling shoe rack, while he wants a stacked closet to hang his suits. Pick out your own reading chair for nights of restless sleep so you can have a place to relax without waking up your bed mate. 

Scenic Paradise

Plan to build floor to ceiling windows for the perfect, unobstructed view. If you have the option, build a walk out balcony to sit and enjoy the sunrise or sunset in you personal space. Incorporate a mini bar for a early morning cup of joe to sip while relaxing on your balcony, or for cocktail while you wind down after a long day. 

Keep the furniture and colors light and airy. Keep a pair of light and heavy sheets to change out with the seasons. For those rainy days when you have to stay inside, have a hidden big screen tv, that can raise and lower to stay out of sight when not in use, so you can have a great view rain or shine.