Cozy Up For Fall

With colder weather moving in it's time to pull out the warm blankets and snuggle in for the winter ahead. Before the snow moves in here are some great ways to make your house cozier this fall. 


Fix-up Your Fireplace

Nothing can warm up your home like a blazing fire in your favorite room. Update your fireplace so that you can enjoy the burning embers while the leaves fall outside your window. Some great ways to spice up your mantel are to add custom shelving to extend the storage and display space for decorations, add a solid wood floating mantel with natural stone to bring nature inside or simply add a fresh coat of paint to match your decor and give your fireplace a facelift. Some more modern approaches to redoing your fireplace might be mosaic tiles surrounding the fire or creating a nice concrete finish overtop for a cleaner look. A fireplace can be a great center piece for any room, and creates a warm glowing atmosphere.  


Get New Throw Pillows

An easy way to spice up a room is to get some great new accent pillows. To make your home feel more welcoming in the coming fall and winter months, consider getting some brighter pillows to bring light into the room. Also, look for soft fabrics to cozy up to when you're curled up with a cup of hot cocoa. If you are feeling adventurous, look for faux fur and hand knit pillows that are interesting and add texture to your space.


Switch out Summer Sheets

Take of those satin or cotton sheets and indulge yourself with new winter bedding. Start with a new set of flannel or fleece sheets. Add in a new thick comforter and plenty of soft blankets for long winter nights. If you are feeling really adventurous splurge for an electric blanket to keep your bed toasty warm when the temp goes below zero.



Add Fall Flair to Your Table Setting


Now here's where you can pull out all the stops to create a warm fall environment in your house. Candles can create a glowing light and comforting scent to fill the house and brighten your dinning room. Find a table runner or table cloth with oranges, reds and browns to match the falling leaves outside. Incorporate leaves into the table scape with earthy center pieces with twigs and fall flowers. Add in some gourds and pinecones to compliment the other accessories and new plates and glasses. Get as creative as you want. You can stack cake plates, add placemats, add in little treats for guests to snack on while they're visiting. Make something that speaks to your style and creativity to bring some fall into your home.