Carol Stambaugh — Design Interview

Q: Describe your design style.

A: I would say my design style is generally versatile. My job is to adapt to a customer’s vision, because we service a broad range of customers. While design aesthetic is important, clients want a functioning, well versed kitchen, which is user friendly.


Q: How do you create the most functional space for each customer?

A: Due to the significant investment made when installing a new kitchen, customers want their design to remain timeless. While trends are nice to incorporate for certain elements, the number one concern I hear from customers is that they don’t want their kitchen to go out of style.

What they do want is for their kitchen to be functional and very innovative. We can put in custom cabinets with gadgets and inserts to suit each customer. With customizable features, people can have a unique space that meets their specific needs.


Q: How are custom cabinets changing kitchen usability?

A: Custom cabinetry is very important to our customer base. Custom interiors provide functional solutions that can match any style of exterior.

Right now, people are moving away from doors and cabinets and moving toward drawer bases. These are easy to access and utilize space. People have started putting dishes in base cabinets, which wasn’t really done before.

A full functioning island is also a newer feature. We can add in a sink and a dishwasher there and make the island accessible from both the left and right side. Customers are looking to create enough space to accommodate multiple cooks working in the kitchen at once, while still having room for larger appliance.


Q: What are the benefits of working with EuroAmerica Design?

A: We are known for contemporary and modern style, but have great capacity for traditional and transitional as well. My job is to give direction to fit the function of the customer.  I have had the opportunity to design beautiful kitchens in many styles. I have found that when you really listen to the customer, his or her true vision will come shining through.