Behind the Scenes at EuroAmerica Design: An Interview with Katharine Spiess

Q: What is your role at EuroAmerica Design?

A: My position at EuroAmerica Design is different than that of the designers. They work directly with the clients, as sales people, while I work behind the scenes.  I am more of a technician, working on the engineering of the design and making sure everything functions properly. While this does include creating drawings in several CAD programs—AutoCAD, 2020 Design, 3cad Evolution, Metron, etc.—my colleagues and I work as a team when creating designs.  It’s a process of checks and balances between us regarding form, function, and cost.

When I talk about checks and balances, it mostly comes down to what can and can’t be produced by each manufacturer.  Sometimes, the designers (and clients) have a visual concept of what they want the design to look like, but the manufacturer is unable to produce certain components. Each manufacturer offers different items, so the designer and client have to decide what is more important to them – the manufacturer or the design. 

For example, most of our imported manufacturers offer a two drawer sink base with a U-shaped cutout to accommodate the sink.  Clients see this and want to incorporate this into their kitchen design.  Unfortunately, our domestic manufacturers do not offer this type of cabinet.  So, if the client has already selected a door style and finish from a domestic line, but they can’t get the specific sink base they want, they have to decide if they want to forego the two drawer sink base or if they want to change to an imported manufacturer and choose a new door style and finish. 


Q: Who do you work with on a day-to-day basis?

A: My position is primarily creating quotes for our dealers and processing their orders. When they need a quote on a project, they send their designs or list of items to us.  We create a quote or contract for the dealer to review and approve, and occasionally a drawing to accompany it.  Once a project has been approved, then we process the order. We then receive an order confirmation from the manufacturer, and we must review that order thoroughly for accuracy before approving for production.


Q: What sort of process is put into place to ensure dealer/customer satisfaction from your position?

A: We do our best to ensure that an approved order is exactly the way that the client wants. When challenges occur, it is my job to put these issues as a priority in my queue and follow through on any finish-up orders in a timely manner. 

We have to make sure that these imported orders are released for production as quickly as possible and scheduled on the earliest containers possible.  This means that we may receive finish-up parts from a domestic manufacturer in weeks, while an imported manufacturer can take months.  (The lead time for imported products is 14-16 weeks, whether it is for an entire kitchen or just finish-up parts).


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