Bathroom Makeover: Out of This World

Europe is known for setting the latest fashion trends. Why let that end with clothes and hairstyles?  As the bathroom is where we primp and pamper ourselves, now is a great time to give it the makeover it deserves.

Establish a dramatic focal point in your bathroom that makes a bold statement about your personality. Whether it is a grand luxurious shower or a unique modern vanity, the idea is to draw the eye to a statement piece that evokes excitement.

Cerasa’s Moon bathroom collection is the definition of cutting-edge design. According to its creators, the Moon collection is structured to, “revolutionize the bathroom world.” Its mix of soft and hard edges, create an alluring visual balance. The combination of vanities and mirrors use positive and negative shapes to form the illusion of infinite space.

With a look towards the future, this series is one of the first bathroom designs of its time with chromed cabinets for a sleek innovative look. Two-colored elements, along with gloss and matte finishes, define a clear personality in any bathroom. Pair that with practical, refined lighting to uncover abundant ambiance and limitless possibilities.

With the Moon collection, Italy-based Cerasa has created the essence of contemporary design, defying the laws of gravity. The focus on the vanity as the center of attention will make an unforgettable statement, to complement even the most unique style.