Andrea Ceccarelli, Berloni, Export Manager and Marketing Consultant, visits EuroAmerica Design

Andrea Ceccarelli, Export Manager and Marketing Consultant for Berloni, at the EuroAmerica Showroom.

Andrea Ceccarelli, Export Manager and Marketing Consultant for Berloni, at the EuroAmerica Showroom.

In 1960, in a small town in Italy, the Berloni brothers began building furniture in their garage to sell to close neighbors. Today their company is the largest Italian distributor of kitchen furniture. They are known around the world for their perfect balance of style and functionality. What makes their design unique is their strong Italian roots and focus on emotion. With Berloni you don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for usability in your kitchen. 

Berloni focuses on the concept of creating a social kitchen while maintaining a contemporary design style. According to Andrea Ceccarelli, Export Manager and Marketing Consultant for Berloni, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is a special room for family and friends to gather and share emotions, art and culture. The company always keeps the human component of their product in mind; with the end game being customer happiness. Berloni kitchens offer designs to create a relaxed environment to enjoy the pleasure of cooking, the company of loved ones and a great bottle of wine. This family company is proud to spread its Italian values to homes around the world.

To keep its careful balance of elegance and practicality, company executives monitor trends all over the world in every facet of design. Since Berloni strives to fabricate a beautifully functional space, the company must stay up to date on color, material, technology and social trends. Good local partners, such as EuroAmerica Design, are essential to Berloni’s success. Its international presence requires different appliance dimensions, regulations and styles when building new kitchen furniture.

Andrea mentioned that since Berloni still manufactures everything in Italy, the company counts on its partners to provide feedback on culturally specific approaches to cooking and design. The feedback makes it possible to produce the right product for every international consumer. 

For example, Andrea pointed out that the microwave has recently become a staple in American kitchens. People want food that is quick and easy, for when they are on the go or have a busy schedule. Berloni takes that into consideration and makes it possible to move the microwave off the counter, where it lived for many years, and created its own cabinet space. This concept frees up counter space and creates new functionality in the modern kitchen.

The people at Berloni work daily to continue growing their brand and distribute beautiful kitchens all over the world. They count on international partners, strong Italian values and current trends to inspire happiness and culture in families across the world. After 60 years in the business, their dedication and pride makes them the best in their industry.