An Intimate Look at Murano Glass Lighting

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.43.42 PMArte di Murano was founded in 1987 by a young businessman, the company president Alfonso Morgillo. His passion for Murano’s glass, together with a strong corporate culture, lead the brand to meet more and more people‘s tastes and increase its presence on the market with a wide, unique and high quality range of products.  Murano glass products are made piece by piece according to established techniques of high craftsmanship ensuring the customer the purchase of fine blown glass objects: unique and long lasting.

Murano’s organizational structure is the result of precise strategic choices aimed at achieving new objectives.  They are founded in tradition, history and passion for glass and light. Today Arte di Murano is a fast-growing company that gets appreciation all over the world.  Murano’s attention to detail and ability of their glass masters makes their product second to none.

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Our own Will Oostendorp took a trip to Murano in February to see first hand the craftsmanship and excellence of this stunning product.  "I've watched glass blowers before, but nothing matches the choreographed ballet that occurs every day in the Arte di Murano factory," says Will of his visit to the factory.

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Taking the water bus from Venice was experience in itself.  Not knowing where I was going and this being my first time to the island of Murano, it was an adventure getting to my destination.   Franco came down to the bus stop to fetch me and we then walked about a quarter of a mile to the factory down a gravel lane.  The factory is in this non descript building in an industrial area.  You would not think that this was the place where the magic of creating beautiful art glass would take place.

Once we were buzzed into the compound and I dropped off my luggage in the showroom, we toured the factory.  It is not a huge space but it is a place that is in constant motion.  Everyone has a specific responsibility, the Master Artisans intern for a minimum of 12 years and as many as 15 years.  The interns are constantly going to the kilns to bring molten glass to Master to shape.  It could be a petal of a flower that is part of a chandelier or the globe of a table lamp.  Every light fixture, figurine or piece of jewelry is a one of kind piece of art.

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