An Inside Peek Into Italian Design With Cerasa Export Manager, Giulio Botteon

Left to right:  Giulio Botteon, Export Manager, Cerasa, Rob Nusbaum, President and CEO, EuroAmerica Design, and Robert Riboldi, Owner/CEO, Cerasa. 

Left to right: Giulio Botteon, Export Manager, Cerasa, Rob Nusbaum, President and CEO, EuroAmerica Design, and Robert Riboldi, Owner/CEO, Cerasa. 

During a recent visit to the EuroAmerica Design showroom, we had a chance to get to know Giulio Botteon, Export Manager at Italy-based Cerasa, a little better. His many years in the industry make him an essential part of the Cerasa team. Providing us with insight and inspiration about home design, Giulio shared his international perspective about the industry. 

Q: What do you consider to be the most interesting developments in your field at present and why?

A: International market research highlights that the bathroom is becoming a more and more important space in the house.

With home renovation and new projects, the first thought goes to the bathroom, followed by the kitchen and then the rest of the fixtures of the house.

Specific research also highlights that the bathroom is no longer simply a “service” place, a room to keep closed, but is becoming a location to be lived, where everybody dedicates time to himself, for personal beauty and wellness, and to relax.

Today, therefore, the attention and care in projecting this room is really important, in a way to make it not only a functional place, but also an expression of the homeowner’s personality.

Q: What are you currently fascinated by in home remodeling and design?

A: As Export Manager of Cerasa, I spend a lot of time with architects, interior designers and specialized retailers in Europe and North America.  For these specialists, it is most  important to satisfy the greatest number of desires of every customer and to guarantee the maximum personalization of every product.

In the bathroom furniture field, the room for the bath becomes unique: the proposed solutions have to keep into consideration the effective functional needs of the customer, but also their aesthetic tastes. With Cerasa, every designer, retailer or architect can let the customer feel listened to, satisfied and well represented.

Q: In you own words, how would you describe Cerasa's aesthetic?

A: Cerasa offers 11 collections to satisfy the wishes of every customer, from classical to modern styles and of course also with updated Italian design solutions. All of them are linked together by one common character: versatility.  They offer an enormous range of possible combinations, to create unique solutions. For this reason, we have created in every collection numerous basins shapes, sizes options, finishes, materials, accessories and components which can express at best the characteristics of the collection and at the same time allow the designer to create a solution “tailor made” for the customer. I always say: “We create the top quality ingredients. The chef-designer mix the ingredients to create his solution, tailor made for the consumer. A great chef, with great ingredients, prepares excellent food”.

Q: What advice would you give someone that wants to remodel his or her home?

A: For those who want to renovate their house, we suggest one consult magazines, surf the net, ( ) and visit showrooms, fairs and exhibitions… All this permits one to find out useful information and to extract interesting ideas.

Then, expert personnel, architects, interior designers and salespeople will support everybody to connect the functional necessities with the aesthetic preferences, in a way to find the right solution for every space.

Q: What are you passionate about besides your work?

I like a lot of the world’s food and eating with friends. For me cooking means to try new ingredients, to test new recipes and to cook for the family ( I have 3 daughters ) and friends. Cooking is an unlimited source of ideas and suggestions. Food give us possibility to always source new combinations, but also to take the cue from past – evoking a sense of “certainty” in us, but also creating memories and emotions. Of course cooking results in eating and spending time seated around the table with friends and family: a true Italian way.