A Kitchen Meant for a Chef: Designing a Kitchen with Cooking in Mind

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes. A great kitchen should be a harmony of space, every feature part of an elegant system. When you’re designing a kitchen for cooking, you want to strike a balance between beauty and function – sizzling style to complement whatever’s sizzling on the stove.

How do you plan to use your kitchen? That question alone can dictate any number of important choices about its design. Our European and domestic-made cabinetry all provide efficient storage choices that make a bold statement. But don’t stop there! Be imaginative: a secondary “butler’s kitchen” is a blessing for entertaining large groups or as a quick prep area that doesn’t mess up the main kitchen. An auxiliary pantry with independent climate and humidity controls is perfect for delicate foods with precise requirements. Sunlight lamps and wall gardens can transform even tiny spaces into greenhouses, no windows required.

When it comes to appliances, one normally conjures up fridges and ranges, but first let’s consider cuisine in the digital age. Prices have fallen even as computers have seen huge advancements in touch and voice control, wireless, and physical durability. Whether a simple laptop perched in a convenient corner or a fully-integrated, voice-controlled smart kitchen, built-in computing is indispensable for reference and fine-grained control of your other electronics.

Serious home cooks are also incorporating commercial appliances into their designs. Professional chefs demand capacity and precision far beyond what a traditional countertop range or refrigerator could offer, and there’s no reason an ideal home kitchen can’t enjoy the same luxuries. It doesn’t end with wine fridges and dual dishwashers, either. Modular commercial features allow near-infinite customizability to your needs and taste: infrared salamanders, wood-burning pizza ovens, smokers and charcoal grills that vent outside; all are available for home kitchens.

On the subject of grills, with summer upon us we’d be remiss to overlook the joys of outdoor cooking. Preparing food under the sky brings flair, inspiration and fun to cuisine, and the idea of an “outdoor kitchen” is tantalizing to anyone who takes their food seriously. You can find an outdoor version of every part of the kitchen, from cabinets to refrigerators. Install a year-round outdoor kitchen or focus on modular rolling appliances that are easily stored when the weather gets grey.

Not every kitchen is (or needs to be) designed with cooking in mind. A kitchen is a gathering place as well as a food prep area, and your ideal kitchen is the one that suits the needs of you and your family. For those dreaming of a kitchen that’s designed for a chef, imagination fosters endless possibilities.


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