5 Reasons Why Going White in Your Modern Kitchen is Right

One of the most difficult decisions that you may make when it comes to your next kitchen remodel is what color you should go with.  There are so many different designs, color combinations and styles that you can choose from that it can sometimes become difficult deciding which color is right for you. Here are five reasons why choosing to go with white in your next kitchen remodel might be a good idea.

Reason #1. Contrast. One great reason to go with white is that it provides for a great contrast to the colors and materials that you might bring into your kitchen.  From marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and other cabinetry and lighting, the white will help emphasize surfaces.

Reason #2. Create an Illusion. Lighter colors can automatically create the illusion of a larger room, so if you have a smaller kitchen space or want to create the illusion of a larger room, going white is a perfect way to accomplish this.

Reason #3. Easy to Mix-and-Match. White goes with anything!  So, when you get bored with your color scheme, you can easily change it up with a white kitchen by bringing in other colors.

Reason #4. Clean & Sleek. White is clean and can give your next contemporary kitchen remodel a very sanitary and sleek appearance, which can make your guests feel safe and right at home in your kitchen.

Reason #5. Re-sale Value. You may decide down the road to sell your home and if you ask just about any realtor, having a white kitchen will help you sell the home because of all of the reasons above and the clean canvas that it gives a prospective buyer when viewing your home.

Whether you’re thinking about going with a more modern look, or even a traditional feel, white seems to be color choice that you can’t lose!  It’s a win-win for everyone and it will bring a bright, beautiful feel to your home that will make you want to come home, cook at home and even entertain guests—over and over again!

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Photo Credit: Berloni America