5 Innovative Kitchen Trends

Everybody wants the latests gadgets and technology. From smart phones and tablets to apps and software, we all want to be on top of all the latest trends. But what about what's in your kitchen?

All levels of cooks will love these innovative trends for their latest kitchen remodel.

Smart Appliances
Manufacturers are developing new ways to integrate home automation systems and kitchen appliances. This allows homeowners to control their stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances through their smart phones and tablets. So, the next time you think you forgot to turn off the stove, you can use your smart phone to turn it off remotely.

Commercial-style and High-efficiency Refrigeration
Appliances now have modern elements like glass doors and modular designs, and they conserve energy and save you money. These high-tech high-efficiency appliances are also keeping food fresher while modernizing your kitchen. 

Touch Open Cabinets
These are great for the chef that does everything. They allow you to open and close your drawers and cabinets hands free. All you have to do is tap a cabinet or drawer and it will automatically open or close softly. 

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Steam Ovens
This appliance is great for cooking family size portions in a timely manner. The oven cooks food in a low fat, healthy way that doesn't destroy the nutrients. It is also a great way to warm up food without it drying out, like it would in the microwave or convection oven.

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Restaurant-style Ranges
Have you ever wanted a stove top to meet all of your cooking needs at once? Restaurant-style ranges can include gas burners, a griddle, a fryer, a wok burner and/or a steamer, that can be used simultaneously. Pair it with a full-length hood and you have every cook's dream. 

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