Fall Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas


As you gear up for the fall season, you might be considering a new kitchen remodel to prepare for the festivities that the holiday season brings. Here are some popular contemporary kitchen ideas for the fall.

The Media-Ready Kitchen It’s 2013 and what is more fitting than a kitchen space for entertaining guests and family.  As much as we can encourage loved ones to turn off those electronics and enjoy some quality family time in the kitchen, sometimes you simply cannot change your family’s traditions and culture.  Don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with the under-cabinet television in a dingy kitchen though or TV trays in the living room.  Here are a couple of contemporary kitchen designs with the media-loving family in mind!

fall-contemporary-kitchen-ideas-berloni-america-media fall-contemporary-kitchen-ideas-berloni-america-television

The Ambient Kitchen                  Kitchen lighting can make a huge difference for how the room looks and feel.  It can make small rooms seem small and it can turn the kitchen from functionality to relaxation and romance with the flip of a switch—literally.  Here is one modern kitchen design that carefully combines task lighting with ambient lighting.


The Bold Kitchen Space with Dining Room This kitchen design tied in the bold color of an adjacent dining area in with the kitchen, with a nice contract of dark and bold color. 


The Dine-In Experience Not all homes are equipped with a separate room specifically for dining.  This doesn’t have to mean that your family has to get stuck eating off TV trays, eating meals in separate rooms or squished on a small breakfast nook-like table in the kitchen.  Here are some neat designs for the contemporary kitchen that brings the dining room into the design as well.

fall-contemporary-kitchen-ideas-berloni-america-bar-seating fall-contemporary-kitchen-ideas-berloni-america-dining-area

These are just a few contemporary kitchen ideas for this fall.  You can see how your next kitchen design can be personal to your family’s lifestyle and tastes (no pun intended).  The designers at Berloni America can work with you to help you design your next kitchen with your personality and your family’s lifestyle in mind, along with some of these fall modern kitchen design ideas!

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